Who & What

Who Are We

Updatum is a ‘New Generation’ research and monitoring service  (Media Monitoring). Since 2004 we have assisted hundreds of PR offices, PR-agencies, Market Research departments/CI and large online monitoring vendors in online news intelligence, all over Europe and North America. We are represented in many countries throughout the world – and we’re still looking for new regional partners.

Through our partnership with Cyberwatcher, Updatum has access to the single largest news search engine worldwide, we monitor approximately 100,000 sources in 180 countries in 42 languages

This partnership and the ongoing technical innovations it provides for clients, means that as we supply direct from the creators of the software, not as a bought in service, the chain of delivery is shortened. This means that our delivery to clients is unmatched in accuracy and efficiency.

In practical use, our philosophy is simple, our aim is to use the company’s expertise to benefit our customers.

What We Do

Updatum is not just an ‘online clippings’ tool but a ‘ business-critical’ news and information monitoring service. Our new generation research and monitoring service launched in 2009  combines the best from low cost monitoring services  with a human assisted research and analysis consultancy. Media Monitoring at it’s best !

As the web becomes more important to your business so does the need for a strong partner with dedicated online expertise in both traditional media monitoring and social media monitoring. Updatum aims  to provide you with a service that enables you to:

  • Respond immediately to breaking news stories that directly impact your daily business both positively and negatively
  • Monitor developments in issues that can impact the longer-term direction and development of your business
  • Improve awareness of the issues that affect your customers,clients or members
  • Highlight the activities of your competitors, customers and even your own employees.
  • Better understand the diverse information needs that exist within your own organisation

Our Promise to You

Updatum promises you the best combination of online media monitoring  and excellent customer care.

No other vendor can provide such sophisticated monitoring of the  Internet at such a low cost. In fact on average we have saved our current customers an average of over 40%

Media Monitoring, News Monitoring and Sales Intelligence from Updatum