Case Studies

Case Studies

CreditSafe has launched a powerful new service which is a first within the credit referencing industry allowing companies to swiftly check any adverse media stories on businesses they are interested in. The Media Solutions product is powered by the updatum search engine and is already making waves within the industry. CreditSafe are delighted with its performance and look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration over the years.

David Knowles
Marketing Director, Safe Group

“Updatum is one of the key tools used by Novintel analysts in Europe and North America to gather market signals worldwide. Novintel’s customer companies around the globe depend on high quality Market Intelligence that is tailored to their precise intelligence needs. updatum is a flexible and powerful solution to help Novintel analysts track and filter market signals from web sources and deliver up to date intelligence to customer companies”.

Ville Vanhala
Senior Vice President, Resources & Solutions,
GIA – Global Intelligence Alliance

“We have developed numerous high end services around the updatum platform. Its capabilities has enabled us to cover both basic monitoring needs as well as needs of the most sophisticated users. We even use updatum as a part of our own branded news products and services internationally”.

Hans Ulrik Stæhr
CEO and Founder of NetSearch

ANGLE is an international management services group whose business is concerned with the processes and infrastructure that facilitate the creation, development and growth of successful, innovative and knowledge-based businesses.

As a long standing customer, the Company makes extensive use of updatum’s market-leading capabilities to support its operations in a number of areas, well beyond the scope of conventional media monitoring. Not only does ANGLE keep an eye on its own and its subsidiaries’ media profile, but it also uses the updatum service as a source of market and competitor intelligence and as a research and business development tool.

“The ease of use and flexibility of the updatum system makes the task of establishing and managing individual searches very straightforward.”

“Our approach to dealing with potentially large amounts of information is to use updatum’s advanced searching and filtering capabilities, enabling us to closely target our monitoring activity.“

“Using the email newsletter format is a great way of rapidly distributing information around a large organisation. The publishing tools available mean that we can send exactly what we want, when and where we want it.”

As markets become increasingly more dynamic and competitive, keeping up to date is an ongoing challenge. Crucial for ANGLE’s application is the ability to adapt their service to particular business needs.

“With the help of updatum’s highly responsive customer support, we are able to customise our service to the exact needs of our business. The investment in the service continues to pay for itself many times over with the opportunities and information that we are able to gather.”

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