Updatum Services

Combine the best from online monitoring with the best from cutting agencies.

The Updatum full service concept is the first in the UK to offer a complete media monitoring mix with a full in house online facility as the core of its delivery.

Online news provision has overtaken radio and print in importance of supply of news information and your service from us starts with a bespoke online news information feed, complete with newsletter and analysis facility.

For many clients, this provides all of their needs. For those who have a broader requirement we then start to build the service up, to create the ideal mix of monitoring services. Press cuttings, broadcast monitoring, bespoke analysis, press office software, everything to make your department efficiently receive, digest and distribute your media information.

It’s easy and it offers you real choice.

Where before you took what you were offered, now with Updatum you get the service you really want.

Please select a choice from the services menu at the top of the screen, and for help or more information please get in touch.

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