Online News Monitoring

Online Media Monitoring

The primary product of Updatum is the web monitoring portal which is used by hundreds of enterprises in different countries. It has easy-to-use functionality and supports several languages. It includes the most extensive editor module for sorting, presenting and publishing the findings in the market

Updatum  focuses on the parts of the internet that publish news and information of value and interest to our clients.  This can range from the main page of a national daily newspaper’s website to the tenders section of a local city council website.

Updatum predominantly monitor news-producing sources but we can pretty much monitor any part of the internet that publishes information of any kind in a structured format.

Updatum monitors sites such as:

Online News

  • Nationals Press
  • Regional Press
  • Trade, Business and Consumer Press
  1. Corporate News (inc Press Releases)
  2. Public Sector News and Information
  3. Consumer Review sites
  4. Online Document Archives
  5. Forums
  6. Blogs
  7. News and press release wires

Updatum provides monitoring services to many leading companies, charities, public sector bodies and other institution

The more sophisticated and flexible filtering technology, the more valuable the results.  See for yourself just how sophisticated and flexible our service can be!

Updatum’s Advanced Cyberwatcher filtering technology includes:

  • Include/Exclude keywords and phrases
  • Case sensitivity
  • Search Title, Abstract and/or Main Body
  • Boolean search within same paragraph or whole article

And more:

  • Create source profiles
  1. Because it’s not just what you look for but where you look that matters,
  2. Select by geographic focus, source type (e.g. blog, national press, B2B sites), target audience, industry focus etc
  3. Customise your own source profile according to the sites that matter most to your business
  4. Are there any sites that matter to you that we aren’t monitoring? If so, let us know and we’ll add them into our service
  5. Due to our unique watchpoint approach to monitoring not only can we select what sites to monitor but what parts of sites should be monitored
  • Create relevancy profiles
  1. Utilise context-sensitive search tools for best results
  2. Set relevancy thresholds to exclude results that are not sufficiently relevant.
  3. Sort results according to relevancy

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