Additional Services

Additional Service

Updatum is offering a number of highly sophisticated products and services to its clients and partners:

Media Monitoring

  • Automatic news feed delivery through web service in XML format, with the additional data on sources (country, section, publish date etc) and simple division by the country, industry or topic covered.
  • Performing client-specific assignments: delivering customized feeds based on requests (for example, all articles published in a specific country which write about a specific company)
  • International monitoring of blogs.
  • Integrated intelligent news search engine for rating, archiving, searching, source tagging and categorizing.

In addition to all of these services, we offer clients on-going support and training on how to maximize the usefulness of our solutions. We deliver emails, phone-calls, video-conferences and physical visits to our clients whenever it is necessary.

Media Monitoring, News Monitoring and Sales Intelligence from Updatum