News Feeds

News Feeds

Intranet Feeds

An increasingly popular and efficient way to get information out to large numbers of people within an organisation is via the corporate intranet.  This can be done via one main newsfeed for your intranet homepage through to the creation of a ‘intranet intelligence portal’ with a wide variety of feeds for staff to access as and when required.  These feeds can be configured in HTML, RSS or XMS format.

External Website News Feeds

Wanting to keep your website fresh with new content and news but don’t have the resources to write it yourself?  Want something more interesting than a plain feed straight from the BBC?  Then perhaps a customised Updatum feed is a cost-effective way forward for you.

We can provide you with either fully automated newsfeeds that will update themselves automatically with relevant news based upon our advanced filtering tools.  Alternatively, for those who want editorial control we can also provide semi-automated solutions allowing you to select relevant content every day in a matter of minutes.

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