Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

How to revolutionise your business by listening, researching and measuring.

Everybody is talking about it, however,  most people don’t have a clue what to do with it. So why not call us to discuss the new SMM dashboard from Updatum that allows you to;

  1. Listen – to your reputation and avoid brand damage
  2. Measure – the value of user generated social media content
  3. Research – in conversations about your brand and your industry
  4. Participate – in conversations about your brand and your industry


  • Keep up with your reputation and avoid brand damage
  • Eves-drop on your competitors and know what their customers think
  • Understand your customers better and find new business opportunities


  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing activities and report them to your boss
  • Measure the effectiveness of your competition’s marketing activities and learn from success stories
  • Track purchase intent, emotional context, share of voice and many other key performance metrics


  • Identify important influencers and sites
  • Learn about effects of pricing, packaging and campaigns
  • Understand your competition, industry and trends


  • Take part in conversation with your audience about your brand and your industry
  • Intervene with your competitors’ customer satisfaction issues
  • Amplify positive content to maximize the effects

The Social Briefing gives you the update you need, in a one-page report that is quick to check regularly, and easy to use for simple analysis, such as share of voice, comparing time periods with regards to volume and more.

 Whether you need it for better handling of client feedback, or it is mainly for the information the Updatum Social Briefing is the best entry point to managing social media buzz.


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