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A business concern the size of The Trafford Centre makes headlines every day of the week – and being able to track that media interest is a vital part of our marketing and PR mix. We have found the Updatum service to be the best we’ve tried in terms of search and returns of UK media, and ease of use. The interface is intuitive and accessible, and we make great use of the newsletter facilities to keep staff and contacts in the loop with media coverage. There is always a friendly consultant on hand to talk you through the software, and the high level of customer service means that even when a rare problem does arise, you are never stuck with it for long.

Justin Webb
Press and PR Officer
The Trafford Centre


Updatum provides a quality affordable online news monitoring service for our organisation. The greatest asset from a charity perspective is the ability to personally tailor bulletins so that fundraisers can receive news of interest and different to that sent to policy makers or the finance team and to determine the geography or importance of journals in your individual search. All this is sitting on our computers when the day starts at a fraction of the price of the national newspaper bill. The service ensures all are aware of our coverage, we are alerted timely to articles needing response and everyone is kept up to date with the latest news in their specialist field.

Paul Hetherington
Head of Public Relations
Woodland Trust


Updatum is an invaluable service to NHS North West. Given the pace of the modern media, the twice-daily installments are a great way of keeping on top of local news, and the key word system is both effective and easy to use, ensuring that you only get the news that is relevant to you. NHS North West has been using Updatum for several years now and would strongly recommend the service.

Ann Richardson
Communications Officer
NHS North West

As a specialist media monitoring agency, we supply a range of monitoring and analysis services to our clients, some of which have very demanding press offices. Over the past few years we’ve seen a growing interest in online press, so we turned to Updatum to help us out, as they’re specialists and have some pretty impressive technology under the bonnet. We bought a license to use their Newsportal, where we can configure our own searches and create tailored news alerts for our clients, and RSS feeds. The platform is easy to use and setup, not to mention very robust. Some of the more impressive features include:

  • the ability to search not just by website/URL, but by specific pages too
  • RSS feeds or searches can be merged together or kept separate, and you can create as many as you like
  • Case-sensitivity allows us to narrow down our searches and remove a ton of unwanted noise
  • Relevancy filters allow the user to build up a profile using keywords, so that results can automatically come back that are that much more relevant
  • A statistics module that enables you to view which websites you’ve reached over time, and to compare the volume of news any of your feeds have gathered.

On top of some cutting-edge technology you also have full access to the friendly and responsive team at Updatum HQ in Mansfield. If you have a problem or issue you can always pick up the phone or send an email and know that you are being looked after. If you need a particular website or group of sites monitored that they don’t currently scan, no problem – let them know and they’ll fix everything for you. In short, we continue to have a successful relationship with Updatum and find that in many ways their competitors cannot match their technology or quality of service.

Barry Sheen
New Media Manager
Precise Ltd

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